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Optima Grafische Communicatie is specialized in the design, layout, printing and digitization of thesis and other scientific publications. Browse through our collection yourself. Making books is a profession. Our profession.


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    Thesis cover

    Illustrations, photography, typography & image editing

    The cover is the face of a book and therewith the eye-catcher of your thesis. Optima works with specialized cover designers who are glad to make the cover for your thesis. Making covers is a profession. Our specialists are academically trained and know better than anyone how to design a cover. Optima covers are never just a combination of photo and text! Take a look for yourself.

    See: covers designed by Optima

    Thesis cover

    Thesis layout

    Thesis inside pages

    Design, typography and layout

    We are specialized in making the most beautiful theses. With our graphic expertise, typographic expertise, software knowledge and experience in making books, we can ensure that your thesis becomes a beautiful and distinctive publication.

    design interior

    Thesis printing

    Printing your thesis

    offset, digital printing, inkjet

    Optima provides a wide range of services. Traditional printing (offset), digital printing like Nexpress, printing with toner or the latest inkjet technology. We are happy to help you to make the best choice. Not only in printing technology, but also in terms of paper, laminate and color. In addition, we offer many other options, such as embossing, thickened varnish layers, spot UV, hardbound editions and die-cutting. We get the maximum out of it for the best price. We can make live easy. We are able to help you from A to Z!

    Printing thesis


    A digital thesis

    App, epub, PDF & Flipbook

    More and more customers opt for the App+ package. In addition to books (usually a smaller amount) your thesis also as an app. The benefits are great. Luxurious books and also a beautiful, interactive digital version. And all that at lower costs.

    See our apps: online repository
    For more information see:Optima O-Reader

    Thesis app



    Your thesis must be ready 'x' weeks before the date of defence. How long does it take to prepare, design and print your thesis?

    The “X” factor (the university requires that your thesis is ready X weeks before the date of defence. The “X” factor differs per university). Printing, finishing, checking and binding takes about 2-3 weeks (10-15 working days). The moment we are print ready, all files (inside, cover, invitation card and propositions) have been converted into technical and content-correct PDFs for production. You have given us green light for production. The moment of printing is therefore X + 3 weeks before the date of defence!


    Optima repository

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    Our workflow

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    Our digital publications
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    Thesis portfolio

    • Cynthia Holterheus
    • Dien Gambon
    • Bart Muller
    • Beatrice Bedussi
    • Floor Aleva
    • Laura Dwyer-Lindgren
    • Leon Timmerman
    • Linda Franken
    • Linde Busweiler


    Every year we design and make dissertations. Both printed and digitally for all universities in the Netherlands and Belgium.

    • Erasmus MC
    • Universiteit Maastricht
    • Radboud Universiteit Nijmegen
    • Rijksuniversiteit Groningen
    • TU Delft
    • Universiteit leiden
    • Universiteit Utrecht
    • Universiteit van Amsterdam
    • Vrij Universiteit Amsterdam

    PhD students as reference

    Hear what our previous customers say

    • Jin Cheng

      “The theses were received in good order. I am very satisfied. Thanks for the excellent cooperation”

      Jin Cheng
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Jolien Steenweg

      “Yesterday I received my theses; the books look beautiful and I am very happy with the end result. I have also received a lot of compliments about the beautiful cover and the tight interior work :).
      Thank you very much for your work on this; the whole process of "making a book" is very easy, thanks to your efforts.
      Also thank you for the reception book that I received at home yesterday.”

      Jolien Steenweg
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Apostolos Tsiachristas

      “Thank you for the wonderful cooperation and efficient communication with your team! Now I understand very well why all BMG prmovendi come to you! Justly!”

      Apostolos Tsiachristas
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Sebastiaan Jilke

      “Just wanted to express how satisfied I am with how the book looks like, and the whole process with optima.
      Well done!”

      Sebastian Jilke
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Suzanne Ligthart

      “Am very happy with my book, thank you for your good service!”

      Suzanne Ligthart
      Universiteit van Amsterdam
    • Elisa Goudriaan

      “The book has arrived and looks completely fine. Thank you for getting this copy. I also found it a pleasant cooperation.”

      Elisa Goudriaan
      Universiteit Leiden
    • Alaettin Carikci

      “On Tuesday I got 200 copies of my book and they look awesome! Thank you so much for your assistance and collaboration. I will recommend Optima to all my friends who will defend their thesis in the upcoming months.”

      Alaettin Carikci
      Universiteit Leiden
    • Emma Paternotte

      “I would like to thank you, including your colleagues, for the beautiful thesis that you have printed. I'm very happy with it.”

      Emma Paternotte
      Universiteit Leiden
    • Naomi van der Linden

      “Thank you for the professional care of my thesis.”

      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Willemien Beukers

      “Today my books have been delivered and I am very happy with the result! Thank you for your work!”

      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Eelke Limonard

      “I received my thesis "Interaction between bone, the neuroendocrine system and metabolism". It looks beautiful, I am very satisfied with the end result! Many thanks for the pleasant cooperation and the possibilities to organize the thesis according to your own wishes.”

    • Linda Muijsers-Creemers

      “I have indeed received the books! I am very happy !!! Looks nice!!! Thanks !!!!”

      Linda Muijsers-Creemers
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Mathieu Wijffels

      “Once again I want to thank you for the great result and the good service.”

      Mathieu Wijffels
      Universiteit Leiden
    • Saniye Celik

      “Thank you for creating a book/thesis. I found it pleasant to work with you and I am happy with the result.”

      Universiteit Leiden
    • Sonia Boender

      “Thank you very much, I immediately copied it (and proudly sent and distributed the booklet!). Thanks!”

      Sonia Boender
      Universiteit van Amsterdam
    • Jelle Schrauwen

      “I have received the books in good order. The end result looks nice and I am happy with it. I will also tell my colleagues about your good service.”

      Jelle Schrauwen
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Winifred Paulis

      “I have received my theses and I think they have become very beautiful. Thank you very much.”

      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Camiel de Roij van Zuidewijn

      “Thanks for the booklets, they look beautiful! Nice that they are ready on time. The question remains: when can I expect the epub / pdf? Not that that is in such a hurry, but I need it within a few weeks for a sponsoring request. ”

      Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
    • Hendt Versteegh

      “The books are delivered, looks great!”

      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Jolien Grandia

      “I have received the books and they look beautiful. My heartfelt thanks for all the work!”

      Jolien Grandia
      Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
    • Magreke Brill

      “I have received the books and they look beautiful. My heartfelt thanks for all the work!”

      Universiteit Leiden
    • Marcia Goddard

      “They are inside, I am very happy with it, GREAT !!”

      Universiteit Leiden
    • Mirjam van Beelen

      “Through this way, I would like to thank you for your help in creating my thesis.
      I have already received a lot of compliments about the front and layout.
      It was quite a delivery for me (and probably a bit for you), but that was definitely worth it!

      Thanks again for everything!
      And good luck with creating the future (countless) beautiful theses! ”

    • Rien van Stigt

      “The booklets and bookmarks have arrived in good order today. Thanks for the punctual production and delivery. I am very satisfied with the result (and more importantly: many people who get the booklet say that it looks beautiful and well-groomed). I thank you very much for the good advice and guidance.”

      Rien van Stigt
      Universiteit Utrecht
    • Wouter Spekkink

      “Thank you for the pleasant cooperation. I found it very smooth and I will wholeheartedly recommend Optima to others who will have their theses printed in the near future. Thanks also for the success wishes.”

      Erasmus University Rotterdam
    • Yuka Mizusawa

      “Thank you very much for supporting me to print my thesis book. It has been great to work with you. I arrived at Amsterdam about a week ago and have been busy distributing my book. Many colleagues and friends of mine really like the cover and the layout inside. Thanks again and I wish you all the best.”

      Universiteit van Amsterdam