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Open Access

Open Access Green, The best option, you’ve ever seen!

Open Access? Why?

The result of scientific research, funded by public means, must be accessible to everyone free of charge! More and more universities and research funders are making Open Access publication mandatory.

Every researcher can contribute to this! The author holds the open access key to his or her publication. The author, and only the author, is in control! Green, Gold, Hybrid or Diamond? It is up to you.

Green Open Access

When published in a traditional journal, the author has the right to publish the final author version of his or her article (possibly after an embargo period). Optima turns your article into a beautiful final author version in Erasmus style. Open Access Green costs the department, if we assume a maximum of 25 pages per article, only 100 euros. (see examples)

Gold Open Access

The publication costs have been paid off centrally by the VSNU (Vereniging van Universiteiten) or are charged to the author. Gold Open Access costs on average 2,000 euros per article.

Hybrid Open Access

A traditional magazine that publishes under a subscription model also offers the option of Gold Open Access. Open Access by APC costs on average 2,000 euros per article.

Diamond Open Access

The publication costs are paid by, for example, a library, institution, government or department. Diamond Open Access is free of charge for the author.

Erasmus Layout

Green Open Access is the most accessible and fairest way to make a scientific article available as Open Access. Optima helps you to put your research on the map by creating a final author version of your article with a professional 'Erasmus' layout.


  • Pagination of the published version is preserved using pagemarkers
  • Available in PDF and adaptive mobile version
  • Tailor made layout, based on the corporate identity of the research group, is possible

You’ll end up with a professional manuscript that will impress colleagues and other interested parties

What does Optima need to make a parallel publication of your article?

How and why?

The most recent Word document of your article (text, tables and figures) and a PDF made from that same Word document. The PDF version of the published article (as a reference for our typesetter and for the correct position of the page markers). Additionally, content extraction from the original article is also possible!

For everyone who has lost sight of the bigger open access picture!

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