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  • On the way to 100% Open Access

    Achieving 100% open accces per 2020 is not only the ambition of all universities, but also the norm of the current coalition agreement "Confidence in the future" (October 2017). Open access is important because the results of publicly funded research are freely available to scientists worldwide, so that they can find and use each other's results more quickly, and for the business community to increase the innovative capacity. Currently only 40% of scientific research is available in open access.

  • Own edition

    Own edition "final author version", condition for Open Access. It is often not only mandatory but now also possible to include your dissertation in open access in your Repository without infringing any copyright or paying fees to publishers.                                                                                                           In practice, this can be achieved by publishing the articles from which the dissertation is structured in a specially designed 'own publication' as open access, in addition to the actual dissertation. Optima Rotterdam takes care of the professional design of the thesis and of the open access variant of the individual articles.

  • Articles in Erasmus style
  • Articles in Leiden University style
  • Articles in University of Amserdam style
  • Articles in Vrij University Amsterdam style

Advantages Open Access version as separate articles

With certain articles (chapters) it may be that the author can not or does not want to give permission for that part of the dissertation to be published via the Internet (eg for articles with the status "submitted" and / or "to be submitted").

The solution differs per university. There is no uniform application or solution. For example, the Erasmus University works with a failed pdf version, from which "submitted" or "to be submitted" articles have been removed.

Sometimes, however, versions also remain closed as a whole and sometimes the pdf is split up by the university itself. So they are all different solutions.

Optima offers the uniform solution

By dividing the thesis at article level, the status "open" or "closed" can be added, which considerably simplifies processing and management for the repository.

The PhD student thus has a professionally designed final author version of all articles, which can be published on various websites (eg Research Gate) as an independent article 'in final author version'. The author also has separate files for the repository, for which the jusite meta-data can be added for each university.

An example of an open access dissertation, based on separate articles in a university publication (in this case with our Erasmus MC template), is the dissertation of Raisa Schiller.


Digitale bibliotheek

Optima thesis - Open Access "Split - Service"

The production of the dissertation, also as separate own articles, does not worry   only the PhD student, but also simplifies the management of Open Access articles in repositories.

Optima Grafische Communicatie in Rotterdam offers the PhD student the Open - Access "Split - Service" for free. In the production of the entire dissertation, the final version (print version) will be converted into separate own articles in a university edition without any additional charge, directly suitable for open access and of course for inclusion in a repository.

Optima in Rotterdam specializes in the production of dissertations, and has already produced many theses for the various Dutch and Belgian Universities.

Optima has developed specific software for the Erasmus University, in which besides splitting, the so-called meta-data will automatically be added to the publication, making the scientific article not only optimally traceable, but can also be automatically included in RePub (Repository) .

If your university also has specific requirements, they can contact Optima about this, noting that Optima has since entered into consultation with your Repository to automatically record the metadata.

By submitting your dissertation as separate articles, the percentage of open access publications will increase, and this will lead to an added value of the academic capital of the universities.

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