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Quality books

Well taken care of books in layout of your choice, including cover design by Optima, bookmarks and propositions.



Your thesis as an interactive app for desktop, tablet and smartphone. You can work with it in any modern browser and on any operating system, both online and offline.

Open Access

Split service (open access)

Optima Open Access Publishing. Chapters are professionally designed as separate open access items. Moreover, directly suitable for inclusion in the University Repository.

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Quality books, smart app and Open Access Split Service

Of course beautiful books, because books are and remain the tangible proof of   many years of hard work. But more and more PhD students choose to have the dissertation made as an application in addition to the books. Optima has been making a wonderful adaptive smart application for years. No special software needed! A handy click and read system. Many customers choose the combination, books and application. In almost all cases an advantageous choice because the application is used instead of part of the books. So in almost all cases it is a win / win situation. Beautiful books and an advanced application. And a very environmentally friendly option!

But Optima is already with two legs in the future. In cooperation with Erasmus University, Optima has developed software with which the final typeset version can be split into separate articles. We are talking about a professionally designed final author version of all articles. And these articles can be safely used for open access purposes.

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Books plus Epub

Get more out of your thesis!

Optima has more than 20 years of experience in making beautifully designed theses. But Optima does not only stand for quality books. Optima stands for continuous innovation. Optima stands for "Het Nieuwe Promoveren". The New PhD is a "must have" for every scientist and PhD student, because of this   gives you the opportunity not only to publish your scientific investment extremely easily for the widest possible audience, but you also have full copyright control over the publication of your thesis and the individual articles!

  • Quality books
  • Smart APP
  • Split service
  • Well-kept books with many extra options possible. In addition to the well-kept books   is also designing the cover, bookmark and inside pages professionally.   In addition, we also offer a support service.

  • In addition to the quality books, your dissertation is supplied as your own smart app (online and offline), suitable for publication and can be opened directly on any Desktop, Tablet or Smartphone. The app is fully adaptive and equipped with the necessary smart features.

  • Your thesis is also professionally composed as separate open access articles. All articles are directly applicable for inclusion in the University Repository. You can also decide independently to publish the article on various websites (eg Research Gate). This service has been developed in close cooperation with the Erasmus University and is now made available to all PhD students and University Repositories in the Netherlands at no additional cost.

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