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Thesis print Eindhoven

Proefschrift drukken Eindhoven

Eindhoven "City of Light"

The name Eindhoven City of Light does not come from Philips as many people think. For Philips, there was the match industry in Eindhoven and there lies the origin of the nickname. But with the arrival of Philips, it is and remains the city of light. The university exist since 1956 and also in Eindhoven many PhD students will be graduating.

TU Eindhoven so '60 years "young"

TU Eindhoven was the second Technical University that was established in the Netherlands. Today they are part of the 4TU federation. Together with Delft, Wageningen and Twente. The graduate school has 15 graduate programs/faculties faculteiten

PhD at Eindhoven University of Technology

In Eindhoven there are about 600 PhD doing daily research. And every year there is a part that can prepare for the final phase. The defending of their thesis. A PhDin Eindhoven is a PhD in a city where Technology is written with a capital letters.

Printing a dissertation in Eindhoven

Printing a dissertation in Eindhoven. If the day of the defense comes into view then there will be a new technical challenge. You have to make a thesis. But fortunately there are specialists who know exactly how to approach this issue. Optima can provide everyone with appropriate advice. And we therefore advise everyone to contact us at an early stage. Optima is a leader when it comes to technical innovation. For example, many PhD theses are not only made on paper, but also as advanced web applications.

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