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Thesis print Wageningen

Proefschrift drukken Wageningen

If you think about Wageningen, you'll think about agriculture

Wageningen is the place in the Netherlands where everyone will think about agriculture. Traditionally the domain for the training of agricultural Netherlands. But Wageningen has more to offer. The most famous hotel in the Netherlands is probably in Wageningen. Hotel de Wereld became famous because on 5 May 1945 there were negotiations for the surrender of the German army.

That time is now far behind us. Many foreign PhDs are doing research at the university.

Wageningen University & Research

Wageningen University & Research is the current name of the university. What once started in 1876 as a Government Agriculture School has grown into a modern university that is leading when it comes to everything that has to do with food in the broadest sense of the word. The graduate school has various programs: Wageningen Programs

PhD at Wageningen University

In Wageningen hundreds of PhDs are every day busy with research. A part of the PhD students is in the final phase and is busy composing a thesis. The last step towards a very festive event. The day of the promotion.

Printing a dissertation in Wageningen

Printing a dissertation in Wageningen. Where to think off when you are going to graduate? That is quite a lot. Of course the party that you will give afterwards. An important part, of course, but there is also something like a thesis. Eventually a book has to be printed. But before printing, files need to be created that allow a printer to work. A graphic designer can be used for the cover and for the inside of the dissertation. You need an experienced typesetter. Optima is the specialist when it comes to designing and taking care of the lay-out of the interior. Optima can also supply the dissertation as an app.

Quotation thesis

We make the request for a quote as easy as possible. The most important thing is that your thesis is perfectly printed. If you wish, you can dress up with a number of extra options, such as: graphic design by our graphic designers, having layout provided by our typeset specialists, special printing options such as; spot UV, embossing and more ... These options can be found on our website or quotation, but you do not have to make a choice right now. After your request, you will receive a quote within one working day and you will be one step closer to your promotion!

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