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PhD at the University Utrecht

Proefschrift drukken Utrecht

Your dissertation: the crowning glory of years of study at Utrecht University

After years of studying in the "Dom" city, promotion time is near by. But first you have to make a thesis: the crowning glory of years of study. Therefore, take your last step towards a representative publication. You do this by having your thesis printed by a professional company. Before you graduate at the UU and start your life as a PhD student, here are some interesting facts about the Utrecht University.

Utrecht University: versatile and large

With the accretion of 6,500 new students per year, Utrecht University is one of the largest universities in the Netherlands. At the moment, more than 30,000 students are studying at one of the seven faculties. Furthermore, the University is unique in the Netherlands with the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine. This is the only place where you can study for a veterinarian. Moreover, the Faculty of Medicine also attracts many students.

The beating heart of Utrecht University, the Uithof, is located outside the city center. But in the city center you can still find traces of the past of this university that was founded in 1636. There are also various faculty buildings here. Moreover, the defense of your dissertation will take place in the Academiegebouw on the Domplein in Utrecht.

Utrecht: the historical Dom city

Het Domplein ligt in het eeuwenoude stadscentrum van Utrecht. Hier vind je behalve de beroemde Dom ook talrijke horecagelegenheden. Vanaf dit plein bevind je je ook dicht bij de gezellige Oude Gracht. Behalve een echte studentenstad is Utrecht dankzij zijn grote werkgelegenheid ook een ideale woonplaats voor je toekomstige carrière. Kun je je baan toch niet in Utrecht vinden? Dan profiteer je van de centrale ligging van de stad en de goede vervoersmogelijkheden. Hierdoor liggen grote steden als Amsterdam, Den Haag en Rotterdam binnen een acceptabele reisafstand.

Start je carrière met de publicatie van je proefschrift

Domplein is located in the ancient city center of Utrecht. Here, in addition to the famous Dom, you will also find numerous catering establishments. From this square you are also close to the lively Oude Gracht. Apart from being a real student city, Utrecht is also an ideal place to live for your future career thanks to its large employment opportunities. If you can not you find a job in Utrecht? Then you can benefit from the central location of the city and the good transport options. As a result, large cities such as Amsterdam, The Hague and Rotterdam are within an acceptable travel distance.

Start your career with the publication of your thesis

But wherever you live, first there is a representative thesis on the program. In addition to the content, you also have to think about the cover design and the layout of the interior. We can advise and help you from the design through to the thesis printing. You can also contact us iif you prefer a digital publication. E-publishing is one of our specializations. Do you want more information about printing a thesis? Please look further on our website or contact us for a personal advice. Or simply request a quote (without obligations) for making a thesis!

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We make the request for a quote as easy as possible. The most important thing is that your thesis is perfectly printed. If you wish, you can dress up with a number of extra options, such as: graphic design by our graphic designers, having layout provided by our typeset specialists, special printing options such as; spot UV, embossing and more ... These options can be found on our website or quotation, but you do not have to make a choice right now. After your request, you will receive a quote within one working day and you will be one step closer to your promotion!

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