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PhD at the Erasmus University

Proefschrift drukken rotterdam

Rotterdam: mainport of europe and university city

Rotterdam is known as a port city and with more than 600,000 inhabitants it is the second largest city in the Netherlands. With the largest port in Europe, Rotterdam is an important pivot in the Dutch economy. In addition, Rotterdam is also a true university city where new generations are trained to become expert professionals. Of course, that is also of great importance to the Dutch knowledge economy. Erasmus University is highly regarded both nationally and internationally.

Faculties at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Erasmus University Rotterdam was founded in 1913 and has seven faculties and three special institutes.

For example, you can go to the Faculty of Social Sciences for the Psychology and Public Administration programs and at the Erasmus MC for a high-quality medical training as a doctor or surgeon. Thanks to the cooperation with Erasmus MC, the Academic Hospital of Rotterdam, the level of students and PhD candidates is usually very high.

PhD at the Erasmus University Rotterdam

Promoting at the EUR is a fantastic opportunity to develop yourself and then contribute your part to society. PhD students are supervised by expert promoters and committees. They assist the PhD students during their research and writing their articles. The quality of the methods, the interpretation of the results and the content of the dissertation are of course central. It is then up to the PhD candidate himself to present the dissertation in an very attractive way.

Printing a dissertation in Rotterdam

Because as a PhD student at Erasmus University Rotterdam you have been working on your specific subject for years, you probably have a good idea of how your thesis should look like. You can choose to take care of the design, such as the cover design and layout by yourself, or outsource it to a graphic designer. A graphic designer is able to translate your idea into a beautiful thesis. In addition, it is nowadays not unusual to publish your thesis also as e-book or web application.

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We make the request for a quote as easy as possible. The most important thing is that your thesis is perfectly printed. If you wish, you can dress up with a number of extra options, such as: graphic design by our graphic designers, having layout provided by our designers, special printing options such as; spot UV, embossing and more ... These options can be found on our website or quotation, but you do not have to make a choice right now. After request, you will receive a quote within one working day and you will be one step closer to your promotion!

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