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Thesis print Maastricht

Proefschrift drukken Maastricht

Maastricht, the nicest city in the Netherlands

Located on the Maas in the far south of the Netherlands. Maastricht, the oldest city in the Netherlands and above all the cosiest city in the Netherlands. Maastricht can not be compared with other Dutch cities. Maastricht is Maastricht. Who has not been there and who has not enjoyed a warm summer evening at the Vrijthof. On holiday in your own country, but you feel like a far way from home. You can not taste the atmosphere you taste in Maastricht anywhere else.

Maastricht University

Maastricht University is the youngest university in the Netherlands. The way Maastricht University started is actually very special. In the sixties there was a need for an extra medical faculty. Maastricht came into the picture, particularly because the region needed the necessary economic restructuring because of the closure of the mines. But in the early 1970s there was no shortage of medical students anymore. To prevent things going wrong, they started in 1974. That was therefore without legal substantiation. Fortunately, it followed in 1975 and in 1976 was the official opening. Because of its unique location, Maastricht University is the most international university in the Netherlands. The graduate school has various programs: Maastricht programs:Maastricht programs

PhD at Maastricht University

Hundreds of PhD students are also active every day in Maastricht. A part of this researchers are busy with the final steps. After years of research it is now important to investigate the PhD regulations. What do I still have to do as a PhD student before we can start the party? A fixed component is the thesis. Every PhD student must write a thesis and defend the research. Just and then the party can begin. But how do you make a thesis? Fortunately, there are experts who know everything about it.

Printing a dissertation in Maastricht

Printing a dissertation in Maastricht. You will be able to graduate once. It is, of course, quite an intensive time. There is a lot to do before it's that far. But there is one part that everyone enjoys. That is making the thesis. You are going to produce a beautiful memory and that process is fun. You see it getting shaped step by step and in the end you have the tangible evidence in your hands. The evidence of many years of hard work. And that's a nice moment.

You need a professional to achieve the best result. Optima has been producing dissertations for over twenty years and knows better than anyone how to achieve the best results. We take the customer by the hand through the entire process. No idea what to do with the cover? No problem. We have a roadmap with which we can help everyone. From idea to perfect execution.

And for everyone who loves the digital age? Optima can make your thesis as an app. The dissertation not only as a paper version but also as an application. That is highly recommended.

Quotation thesis

We make the request for a quote as easy as possible. The most important thing is that your thesis is perfectly printed. If you wish, you can dress up with a number of extra options, such as: graphic design by our graphic designers, having layout provided by our typeset specialists, special printing options such as; spot UV, embossing and more ... These options can be found on our website or quotation, but you do not have to make a choice right now. After your request, you will receive a quote within one working day and you will be one step closer to your promotion!

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