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Thesis print Delft

Proefschrift drukken Delft

Thinking of Delft, I see the tower of the new church and the TU

Simon Stevin and Jan Cornets de Groot used the tower of the church for their famous fall tests. With two lead balls of the same size, but not of the same weight, they showed that the fall speed was the same. So Delft was already the center of exact science.

Delft University of Technology has had a PhD right since 1906

The current TU Delft name is still young. It was not until 25 September 1985 that it was legally decided to bear this name. Before then, TU Delft had different names. Perhaps it is nice to dive into history.

  • Graduate School of Archaeology
  • Graduate School of Humanities
  • Graduate School of Medicine
  • Graduate School of Science
  • Graduate School of Social and Behavioural Sciences
  • Graduate School of Law
  • Graduate School of Governance and Global Affairs

PhD at the TU Delft

Delft is an atmospheric place. Many student or PhD lost his or her heart in Delft. Who does not enjoy a warm summer evening at the Koemarkt. But relaxation is there after effort. There are about 400 promotions every year. And when you finally have some free time, it's time for a party.

Printing a dissertation in Delft

Voor iedere PhD komt de dag waarop je je proefschrift mag verdedigen. Maar voor het zover is zul je eerst je proefschrift moeten maken. Je gaat op zoek naar een drukker die je daarbij kan helpen. Het liefst een beetje in de buurt. En dan kom je al snel terecht bij Optima. Zij weten als geen ander hoe je een prachtig proefschrift maakt. Daarnaast zijn ze toonaangevend als het gaat om digitaal publiceren.

Offerte proefschrift

For every PhD, the day on which you can defend your dissertation. But before that happens you will first have to make your thesis. You are looking for a printing company who can help you. Preferably in the neighborhood. And then you will soon end up at Optima. They know better than anyone how to make a beautiful thesis. They are also leading when it comes to digital publications.

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