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PhD in Amsterdam

Proefschrift drukken asmterdam

PhD in Amsterdam

Are you on the eve of your PhD at the University of Amsterdam (UvA) or University Amsterdam (VU)? Then everything has to be taken care of: the content of your dissertation, your presentation, the total picture ... You have to defend your doctoral research and will have to work convincingly. Four long years of research are concluded with the aim of achieving the title of 'doctor'.

Print a thesis

An important part of your PhD is the thesis. Naturally, the content of this work is important, but its appearance is also important. After all, you only get one chance for a first impression, so make sure that this is a good impression. Do not think too lightly about the graphic design and the printing of your thesis. You really can not come up with a number of self-printed A4 pages, so take a professional and reliable partner for printing your thesis.

Hieronder een aantal punten om goed bij stil te staan bij de vormgeving van jouw proefschrift.

Below are a number of points to take a good look at the design of your thesis.

Cover design

Again, a good first impression is vital. That's why you have to think carefully about the cover of the book. Choose a cover that immediately catches the eye and that contributes to the content of the work.


In addition, make sure that the design is not limited to the cover alone. It is important that there is a uniform layout through the entire dissertation. But the design must not not dominate; it must support the content of your thesis, not overshadow it.

Print a dissertation

In order to successfully complete your PhD, it is important that your dissertation is taken care of down to the last detail. By going to Optima you have made a first good step.

Quotation thesis

We make the request for a quote as easy as possible. The most important thing is that your thesis is perfectly printed. If you wish, you can dress up with a number of extra options, such as: graphic design by our graphic designers, having layout provided by our typeset specialists, special printing options such as; spot UV, embossing and more ... These options can be found on our website or quotation, but you do not have to make a choice right now. After your request, you will receive a quote within one working day and you will be one step closer to your promotion!

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