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Optima provides a wide range of services. Traditional printing (offset), digital printing like Nexpress, printing with toner or the latest inkjet technology. We are happy to help you to make the best choice. Not only in printing technology, but also in terms of paper, laminate and color. In addition we offer many other options, such as embossing, thickened varnish layers, spot UV, hardbound editions and die-cutting. We get the maximum out of it for the best price. We can make live easy. We are able to help you from A to Z!

Printing thesis

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Offset or Digital Printing

The difference in quality between offset and digital printing is minimal. Previously, the difference was clearly visible and offset printing was much more highly regarded than digital printing. Nowadays the difference in quality between the two printing forms is minimal! Certainly the latest inkjet technology is almost the quality of offset. Offset printing is used in particular if the inside is black and white and the print run exceeds 350 copies. Offset has high fixed costs and low variable costs. With the increase of the number of copies, the price per copy is getting lower and lower.


Print a thesis

Optima makes beautiful theses at the best price. Moreover, we are the only market-leading e-pubs in the market as an "app". Hundreds of customers already preceded you. Incidentally, the "app" in most cases serves as a replacement for a part of the regular production. For those who choose to take care of the setting (layout), we help with the necessary tips. We fully support our "do it yourself" customers. But remember that the typesetting (lay-out) of the inside work is specialist work. Our typesetters deliver the highest possible quality at a very competitive price. But also the cover, the calling card of your thesis, is in good hands with our designers. The "face" of your book gets our full attention.

Thesis printing

Refine printed matter

Die-cutting (laser), embossing, foil printing, spot UV, binding, laminate

We can do a lot of nice specials. But how can we really show? It is difficult to show online what we can do. There are various possibilities to provide a book with a special eye-catcher. Of course we prefer to let our printing work speak for itself. You are therefore always welcome to visit us. At our office you can see everything we made for our customers over the years. We would like to give you an idea of the possibilities here at Optima. The most common options we have listed below. And remember: much more is possible!