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Dear PhD student,

With your promotion you conclude a period of years of research. One small study remains ... which printer suites for you? Price, quality, customer-friendliness, innovative, thinking along, etc. No easy research!

And then comparing quotations. An impossible task because the specifications are never 100% the same. We are regularly told that we are slightly more expensive. If we then compare the quotations ourselves and then draw the specifications evenly, it appears time and time again that we are definitely not more expensive. On the contrary, in most cases it is more advantageous.

The method of Optima is different. We speak personally to almost all customers. This can be done at our office or on location if desired. On a weekday, on a night or a Saturday morning. In a conversation of about one and a half to two hours we help our customers on their way. And we do not limit ourselves to graphic business only. An approach that is experienced as very positive.

But Optima is not only expert when it comes to the production side. Taking care of the lay-out by our specified typesetters (a profession separately) is of a very high level. But your cover too, the face of your thesis, is in safe hands with our designers. Moreover, we help a lot of customers in coming up with the cover.

In 2011 Optima stood at the cradle of the first dissertation as an app. And then the developments have gone fast. Our software development team has made it possible to create advanced e-pubs. But this is certainly not the time to lean back. Our ambitions go much further. We are working hard on a completely new digital publication format. A step into the future for publications with unprecedented possibilities.

Do the "real" dissertations disappear? No, certainly not. The digital version is complementary. The thesis is ultimately the tangible proof of many years of hard work. But the combination of digital and analogue generally results in a somewhat smaller circulation. And that combination makes it possible to make the book edition even more beautiful. So beautiful books, an advanced e-pub version and all at a lower cost.

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