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Optima Reader

An innovative web application for digital publications

You can work with it in any modern browser and on any operating system, both online and offline. Thanks to the flexible interface, the display is optimal on every screen size. Even on tablets and small smartphones. And there are also many possibilities for enriching your publication. Add dynamic tables, footnotes, videos or even 3D images? No problem! This makes the oReader extremely suitable for scientists looking for a reliable alternative to ePub or PDF.

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App with all possibilities

User-friendly, many options, ideal for scientific publications, as an app to store and you can easily share.


User friendliness first

The intuitive user screen of the oReader is specially designed to work on any device. So you can perform operations with your fingers on a touch screen, but you can also just start using the keyboard and mouse. The handy system for commenting on the text is a real asset for both readers and writers. And of course you can set the display exactly as you want. The font, the font size and even the color scheme are easy to change within a few clicks.


A world of possibilities

But the added value compared to alternatives such as pdf and ePub is only really clear when you look at the publication options of the oReader. Static tables and still graphs can of course also be used. But with the oReader you can also enrich your publication with lots of interactive elements. A selection of the possibilities:

  • Dynamic tables
  • Video‚Äôs
  • Footnotes
  • Annotation
  • 3D Animations


Very suitable for, among other things, scientific publications

Modern e-readers can easily be used for publication forms such as novels. Patches of text are well represented, and illustrations are usually no more than simply a non-functional decoration. That is why it was not so important with most e-book formats so far whether these illustrations were displayed at all. This is, however, very different for scientific publications, such as theses, among other things. Think of a chemist with a 3D image of a crystal structure, or a biologist with a film about animal behavior. The oReader supports the inclusion of such functional elements.


Integration with social media

Moreover, with the oReader you can easily share publications on social media as a webapp. You can share the link to a publication just as easily as you are used to from a normal website. And you also have the opportunity to see exactly what that looks like on the social media platform of your choice through a smart preview function. Particularly practical if you want to be sure that all details are right when you announce your important publication!


Digital publication as an app

The advantage of a web application is that you can easily use it anytime and anywhere. Pin your publication on the Windows start screen or add the oReader as an app on your smartphone. This way, the reader can always be reached quickly and easily.


oReader video

You can also see how the oReader works in practice. So it is so easy, for example, to add the app to your smartphone. And also look forward to the end. You navigate through a document quickly and easily, see the different interactive options and decide for a moment on a nice freely rotatable 3D model.

oReader demo

The video gives you a first impression. Experiencing how the oReader works and how to read an oReader document. Browse through the various examples and get inspired. Your digital publication can look so beautiful and professional too!

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