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Thesis cover

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The cover is the face of a book and therewith the eye-catcher of your thesis. Optima works with specialized cover designers who also are glad to make the cover for your thesis. Making covers is a profession. Our specialists are academically trained and know better than anyone how to design a cover. Optima covers are never just a combination of photo and text! Take a look for yourself.

Cover design by Optima?

Request for a quotation without obligations. You can discuss the specifications with us by phone or fill in the online form.

Cover design by Optima

Do you wish Optima to take care of your cover?

Our experienced designers know how to make a cover. After discussing your wishes they will translate your idea into an appealing design.

Cover design by Optima

Cover design by the author

You will take care of the cover design and send us a print-ready pdf. Do you need help? No problem! Just contact us.

Of course it is possible to hire a designer at your own choice to take care of the cover design. We like to keep informed to ensure that the technical printing aspects are ok. Optima has the knowledge to help you. In addition, we offer a wide range of extra services.

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