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Determine copies

Determine copies

Ask your promoter if he / she has a list in the drawer with the names of persons who absolutely must receive a copy of your dissertation.

Ask a colleague about his or her edition. But beware, do not sail blindly. There can be big differences. Always compare your situation accurately with that of a colleague. You may have a large family and therefore need more books. Or perhaps your research has a lot in common with other disciplines. This can result in large differences in the circulation.

You must also take into account a possible underdelivery of up to 10%. A binder may deliver with a maximum tolerance of 10% on the ordered quantity. For those who are at home in the process of printing and binding a very comprehensible article (13 paragraph 4) from the terms of delivery (we are happy to explain this further).

The surrender (+ 10%) does not play a role for Optima, because Optima does not recognize the delivery conditions of the binder. If everything goes well, you will receive the requested edition + 10 additional books. You will receive these 10 extra copies from us.